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Slow it Down Remix Competition Artwork

The Slow It Down remix competition is officially launched. We are pawing from making you feel this new song that will be out in July! But we decided to do an unusual thing, to say the least absurd! We launched a remix contest before the official track was released! What does this mean? It means that the song “Slow It Down” will be released in an EP that includes 2 official remixes, allowing the winners of the remix contest to receive so much more visibility and putting the artists in the foreground alongside Seaquake! “Nice idea right?” The song is a unique blend of Bass House and Tech House and is ready to invade the dance floors!

What are we looking for? We are looking for new artists, new ideas, new blends of sounds that are characterized by the usual mainstream artists! Do you think you have what it takes? All remixes sent will be listened to BUT WE ARE LOOKING FOR THE RIGHT SOUND! For this reason we will not have a period of voting, we don’t need it, we think that followers and likes don’t make an artist!

PRIZES: Official Releases in Seaquake EP “Slow It Down” – A proposal for your next release in QUMusic LabelSupport on all Seaquake & QU Music ChannelsSupport in Spotify and Apple Music playlists linked to QUMusic and Seaquake – Revisions for your next tracks and direct contact with our artists


How to participate?

To participate you will need to fill out the form below with your data, once you have submitted your application you will receive the link by email to download the official stems.

REMEMBER, the track is protected against any infringement of the rights reserved for the music producer and our discography label. Any use of the files for productions that are not strictly related to this remix contest are punishable by law!

The download process of the stems is very simple, you will need to follow the official pages of Seaquake and QUMusic on Instagram and follow Seaquake on Spotify adding its latest “Good Vibes Only EP” release in your personal library. After this guided procedure you will be automatically directed to the download of the stems with which you can work and express your skill in revisiting your “Slow it Down” style

How to send my remix?

You can send your remix (no later than 11.06.2020 at 00:00 CEST) using the button below “SUBMIT NOW”

or directly to the email
By inserting Real Name, Artist Name, Soundcloud private link and all your Social Links


  • The tracks sent must be your own production, without the use of copyrighted samples or taken from construction kits! NO MIX AND MASHUP!
  • Your submission must be finalized, mixed and mastered, “Work in progress” will not be accepted
  • The minimum length for sending is 3.00 minutes (it is advisable to send the radio edit without the intro but keep an extended one aside)
  • Submissions must be made via Soundcloud’s private link! DO NOT MAKE YOUR REMIX PUBLIC!
  • Non-private links from soundcloud or from any other platform or community will not be accepted!
  • The tracks loaded on soundcloud must be in .wav 44100 16bit format, REMEMBER TO ENABLE THE DOWNLOAD!
  • It’s strictly forbidden to publish the track and your remix on any channel!


There are no vocal parts of the original track in the remix package. Therefore, your work must be focused on the tool. The reason why we cannot distribute the vowel is due to the distribution property of this vocal which belongs to “Cymatics”. In order to remain legally the vocal will be added only on the winning remixes together with a review of the mix and mastering by us.